About Me



My name is Melissa and I reside in Miami, Florida.  I am an avid Paleo and CrossFit junkie.   I find that with a good diet and exercise, you can obtain endless possibilities.

I’ve always been an exercise freak…boxing/sparring, lifting weights, and even a “cardio queen” at times.  In combination with all the exercise I’ve done throughout the years, I was always trying different diets.  I had countless personal trainers, but was never obtaining the results I desired.  I’m talking weird diets…crash diets…no food after 4 pm diets…fruit and veggies diets…and the list goes on…and nothing really worked or satisfied me.  That is, until…CrossFit and Paleo made their way into my life…

It was a few years ago when a friend of mine (police officer), introduced me to this interesting thing called CrossFit.  He told me it was something that was hard to explain, but once I would start I would be addicted and never stop…so he introduced me to a friend of his who owned a box not far from my work.  And from the first WOD, it was immediate love.  They had me at hello.  The rest is history! I WOD every day, with the same group of people, who have, in time since become my lifeline in critical WOD moments, and we all know what that’s like!

Aside from CrossFit, I like to go to Bikram Hot Yoga to help stretch my muscles.  I find it helps my flexibility and I don’t get as sore in the Box.  I also like to run,  rollerblade, and play tennis…I have a KICK ASS Tennis Pro who gives me a good whoopin’ on the tennis court.  If you’re local, I can connect you with him.  He’s good people.

I like to take a different approach to the “blogging” world…with that said, my posts can and will range from recipes to reviews and recommendations of local Miami boxes and food, to the daily frustrations we encounter in our lives when it comes to our own selves and how to manage our time effectively to make sure we get the most out of life!

I am always up for any suggestions, recommendations, or even send me a note just to say HI! Sorry folks, no facebook, twitter, or social media interactions, just plain old email and blogging. Hit me up at meli725@gmail.com and I will promptly get back to you!

Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Here’s to the world of Paleo and Crossfit…as ONE!


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